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Journal article

Efficiency of boars of Belarusian Meaty and Large White breeds selection for reproduction and productive properties  [2008]

Shatskij, M.A., National Academy of Sciences. Scientific and Practical Center of Animal Breeding (Belarus);

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Research of the selection efficiency of boars of Belarusian meaty and Large White breeds for reproduction and productivity indices was realized in the selection and breeding centre Zadneprovski in the Republic of Belarus. The influence of 25-percentage level of boar selection for sperm production with the dominancy of relative average values of an initial population on statistically significant difference within the limits P less than 0,05-0,001 was proved. Application of an evaluation criterion of animal breeding abilities by the degree of frequency of departures from a population level with a value which reflects the intensity of selection in shares of an average quadratic deviation made it possible to raise the breeding value of boar of both genotypes in accordance with the productive qualities of descendants in comparison with average sizes of populations of two breeds on statistically authentic difference at P less than 0,05-0,001. Decreasing in the studied indicators of efficiency of offsprings concerning initial fatherly forms could be explained by a stronger influence of environment conditions rather than genetic predisposition of genotypes to the given traits

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" Эффективность отбора по воспроизводству и продуктивным качествам хряков белорусской мясной и крупной белой пород "
" Efficiency of boars of Belarusian Meaty and Large White breeds selection for reproduction and productive properties "
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