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Journal article

Influence adsorbing agent of mycotoxins Toksfin Sukhoj [Dry] on productivity of boiler chickens  [2010]

Kapitonova, E.A., Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine (Belarus);

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Results of application of dry adsorbent micotoksin Toksfin Sukhoj in diets of broiler chickens are presented; the daily average gain has raised on 2,1-6,4%, forage conversion had a positive effect, meat of chickens-broilers was good-qualify. On the basis of the received experimental data it is recommended to apply adsorbent micotoksin Toksfin Sukhoj into rations of chickens-broilers as a dry mix with mixed fodder in a doze of dry substance of a forage of 5 g/kg

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Zootechnical Science of Belarus : collection of scientific papers

ISSN : 0134-9732