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Journal article

The research in the sphere of agrochemistry in BSAA [Belarussian State Agricultural Academy]  [2010]

Tsyganov, A.R., National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). Presidium Vildflush, I.R., Belarus State Academy of Agriculture, Gorki (Belarus) Persikova, T.F., Belarus State Academy of Agriculture, Gorki (Belarus)

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Researches in agro chemistry have been started long ago before agro chemistry department foundation in Gore-Goretskij Agricultural Institute. In 1840 an experimental field is opened. The research program provides crop rotation maintenance, soil fertilization and research of different cereals types. General inorganic and analytical chemistry is taught by professor K.D. Schmidt. Belarussian State Agricultural Academy is the one of the most important scientific and research centers, realizing high qualification specialists training along with scientific research practice, in charge of the main scientific trends of the Republic of Belarus. It was established as Gore-Goretskij Agricultural Institute in XIX century. The history of the development of Belarus State Academy of Agriculture is presented. The most outstanding scientists of the educational establishment are noticed, their contribution in the research process is evaluated. The main trends of the scientific researches are analyzed, the most important of them, such as plant production, animal science, selection, genetics and feed crops production are presented in details. The modern state and main directions of the development of Belarussian State Agricultural Academy are displayed. International and national conferences and seminars as the scientific development tools are analyzed.

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series

ISSN : 1817-7204