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Methods of increasing ecological safety of specialized melioration systems  [2011]

Zhelyazko, V.I. Kopytovskij, V.V., Belarus State Academy of Agriculture, Gorki (Belarus)

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Determination of the chemical composition of drainage and surface waters at specialized melioration systems with the use of sewage of pig-breeding complexes was realized in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus. The construction of gravitation-biological settling tank for purification of dirty waters and principle scheme of device for preparation of surface for sprinkling was described. As a result of the realized research on water application perfection by irrigation it was found that in a result of agricultural use a soil density was increased. It led to deterioration of soil absorbing ability and formation of a superficial drain which was a source of pollution of natural waters. Therefore, for improvement of water application quality it was necessary to co-ordinate intensity of water sprinklers to absorbing ability of soil. It was possible to reach, applying loosening and other special methods of sod layer cultivation, increasing of absorbing ability on 15-20% and more. Besides, in the conditions of sprinkling by livestock wastes it was better to use devices and installations with low intensity. For the prevention of surface discharge formation, which took place during the damp vegetative periods, it was recommended to spend specially developed ameliorative sod layer cultivation. It prevented pollution of water resources, excluded water-logging of the lowered elements of a relief in which there was an accumulation of heavy metal compounds, and promo
ted increase of crop productivity.

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Bulletin of the Belarussian State Agricultural Academy : the guidance journal

ISSN : 2076-5215