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Belarus Agricultural Library (BelAL) is the national information centre for agriculture, food and forestry. The Library was created by the decree of the Council of Ministers of Belarus in 1960. Now the Library is a part of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Mission of the Library is to provide free access to the agricultural international and national information resources.

Journal Article

Journal Article

Improvement of the mechanism of government regulation of agro-industrial complex  [2012]

Gusakov, V.G., National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). Presidium;

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In the conditions of the Republic of Belarus the state regulation of agro-industrial complex (centralized allocating investment support of the process of production, taxes decrease, cheapening of interest payments) is considered to be almost a single way of development of the national economy and is supposed to be the most effective mechanism of state governing of agricultural sphere. Nevertheless, there are a lot of countries excluding (or almost excluding) state support from the process of national governance. National economy of these countries develops according the market laws and appears more effective if compared to centralized economy. Comparative analysis of different types of economic development is made all over the world countries, benefits and implications of each model of state management are evaluated. Main economic characteristics, such as average consumer prices, procurement prices, tax burden of agricultural enterprises are calculated for several countries of Belarus-neighboring region. The proposals on restructuring the directions of the government support of the agro-industrial complex are formulated. It's suggested excluding national measures from the system of support measures and referring them to budget expenditures, and including only direct measures into the measures of centralized support of agro-industrial complex. The recommendations on the improvement of pricing of agricultural products and evening up the domestic prices for f
ood with the Customs Union countries are given. The measures to optimize credit and taxation mechanisms, to regulate the system of administrative management of agro-industrial enterprises are proposed.

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" Совершенствование механизма государственного регулирования АПК "
" Improvement of the mechanism of government regulation of agro-industrial complex "
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series

ISSN : 1817-7204