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Journal Article

Journal Article

Institutional model of the national food competitiveness  [2012]

Pilipuk, A.V.; Zapolskij, M.I.; Suboch, F.I., National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). Institute of System Studies in Agro - Industrial Complex;

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Modern market economy supposes competitiveness as backbone component. However, the problem of competitiveness is not rather illustrated in agrarian sphere. Researches show that application of models of competitiveness in agro-industrial complex is rather difficult because of impossibility of adaptation of classical theory of 'pure competitiveness' to agrarian sphere due to specificity of agriculture. Besides, real economic practice shows that wide application of effective methods of competition in agrarian sphere should be paid great attention. The article presents the results of research of the national food competitiveness problems in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus. The institutional model of the food competitiveness is proposed and three crucial institutional fields - innovation, investment and integration - are identified. The ways and criteria of food competitiveness strengthening are indicated regarding the necessity and reasonability of intensifying the government's efforts to create the conditions, instruments and mechanisms of improving the identified fields. In course of the study the strategic conception of strengthening of the national food competitiveness. Actuality of strengthening of the food competitiveness in Belarus is determined by the conditions of globalization and is characterized by the level of synergic effects caused by this process, as well as by the standardization and harmonization of legal and economic relations, tec
hnical means and communications; regulation of standrards of food quality.

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" Институциональная модель национальной продовольственной конкурентоспособности "
" Institutional model of the national food competitiveness "
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series

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