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Journal Article

Journal Article

Index estimation of competitiveness of milk production enterprises  [2012]

Timoshenko, M.V., National Academy of Sciences. Scientific and Practical Center of Animal Breeding (Belarus);

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In the conditions of the Republic of Belarus complex estimation of operating capabilities, evaluation of competitive abilities of different enterprises make it possible to control economic regularities of business activities, find out hidden reserves and additional resources for the development of effectiveness of agricultural producing. The article presents the results of estimation of agricultural enterprises competitiveness in accord with the level of milk producers' competitiveness referring to resources usage efficiency within different administrative regions. For evaluation of the level of competitiveness of agricultural production, technology of rating of commodity producers is used. Arranging of the enterprises according the zones of intensive index of position competitiveness is made. Indexes of fractional and position competitiveness are displayed by different enterprises. Cluster structure of enterprises is presented. The use of information statistical processing methods for the analysis allows carrying out an accurate classification of the farms for each of the regions within the frameworks of the given task. Due to the obtained results it is possible to differentiate the regions according to the level of competitiveness of milk producers, the level of efficient use of resources what will promote making relevant management decisions. Research results showed that constructed in course of the study classifications and systematizations of farms of
the Minsk region of Belarus taking into account the selected criterion made it possible to determine the level of their differentiation from the point of availability and efficiency of resource use; to determine the level of qualitative influence of the production factors of milk prime cost; operatively use the objective information for the practical purposes.

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" Индексная оценка конкурентоспособности предприятий по производству молока "
" Index estimation of competitiveness of milk production enterprises "
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series

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