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Journal article

Morphological and water-physical properties of sandy desert soil changes under the effect of organicsoil conditioners  [2014]

Sokolov,G.A.; The Institute for Nature Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk (Belarus) [Corporate Author]

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In course of the research there were studied the advantages and expediency of different fertilizing-ameliorating materials of different genesis action based on the results of field experiments on primary cultivation of sandy desert soil in Egypt. The efficiency of different ameliorants use for rapid culturing desert soils with an improvement of morphological properties, increase of their productivity, humus content and water-holding capacity was substantiated. It was proved that in case of special organic ameliorant application the water-holding capacity of culturing soil was 6 times higher than that in the initial one and 1.5 times higher comparatively using low mineralized sphagnum peat. Alongside with the processes on sandy soil structuring activation under the influence of ameliorant application the reducing surface tension of the soil solution, increases its wetting ability and the ability to penetrate into the fine pores of soil were observed. This effect was achieved due to special treatment of caustobiolites in the process of their organic matter activation in preparation of ameliorant and further transfer of its natural surfactants in soil solution.

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