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Modeling of the Shelled System of Castor Bean Capsules (ricinus communis l.) of a Pprototype  [2019]

Cruz-Meza, Pedro López-Canteñs, Gilberto García-Silva, Samuel Márquez-Rosano, Conrado

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Three mathematical models were developed to describe: the efficiency of dehulling, unshelled grain and damaged grain of an experimental model to dehull the castor capsules. The model was validated with the experimental data. The variable of the model was the slack of the disc and the concave. In addition, the moisture content of the capsules was determined, with an average of 5.43%. A high correlation coefficient between the estimated and experimental values (R2 = 0.9297) at a level of significance of 5% indicated that the combination of the equations by the sum of the components is appropriate for the efficiency models of the peeling and the grain not damaged, while for the case of the damaged grain was R2 = 0.9492.

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Revista Ingeniería Agrícola

ISSN : 2227-8761