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Water quality in the production of Organoponics  [2019]

Mola-Fines, Bárbara Bonet-Pérez, Camilo Rodríguez-Correa, Dania Guerrero-Posada, Pedro et al.

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With the objective of evaluating the influence of the quality of the water in the production of vegetables in organoponics of the municipality Camagüey, it was carried out a study in which was evaluated the relationship between the quality of the irrigation water and productive indicators of the crops carrot (Daucus carota L.) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa, L.) with different characteristic and differences regarding their susceptibility to the salinity, to determine the influence of the quality of the water in the growth and yield. For the pursuit was made an integral analysis of the indicators of the chemical properties of the quality of the waters linked to the possible effects in both cultivations, to these there were evaluated the germination percentage, growth, long and gauge of the root (carrot) and yield. It was proven the effect of the quality of the water on the parameters evaluated in the selected cultivations and it was obtained that the indicators of the water with more incidence were: the electric conductivity (CE), the acidity (pH), the total soluble salts (SST) and the relationship of absorption of sodium (RAS).

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Revista Ingeniería Agrícola

ISSN : 2227-8761