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Effect of the mechanized harvest on the space variability of the vertical resistance to the penetration  [2019]

García Reyes, Roberto Alejandro Villazón Gómez, Juan Alejandro Morales Menéndez, Alfredo Martín Velázquez Sánchez, Elianne

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The work was carried out in 2018, in areas of Holguín Sugar Company, UEB Cristino Naranjo, UBPC Arroyo Blanco, with the objective of evaluating the effect of mechanized harvest on the vertical spatial variability of the resistance to penetration in an agroecosystem of sugarcane planted on a Pelitic Vertisol. The selected field was divided into ten parcels, with three of them chosen at random. In those that were sampled in the center, along a transect of 1.60 m located in the inter-row, every 0.40 m the values ​​of the resistance to penetration, before and after the mechanized harvest showed a tendency to a normal distribution. Prior to the mechanized harvest, penetration resistance values ​​were obtained that ranged from extremely low (6 %) to very high (34.29 %), which increased after the passing of the machinery with cases that were classified as very high (76.19 %). The passing of agricultural machinery caused a structural difference in the adjustments of the semivariogram, increased the spatial correlation of the data and the concentration of spatial variability at scales lower than the sampling and a redistribution of the zones of compaction, with the increase of the resistance to penetration below 10 cm depth and the appearance of a compacted continuous layer, at 30 cm depth, with values higher than 5.5 MPa.

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Revista Ingeniería Agrícola

ISSN : 2227-8761