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Propiciar el desarrollo científico tecnológico de sistemas integrales de Ingeniería Agrícola que viabilicen la implementación armónica de tecnologías de riego y drenaje, mecanización, energía, postcosecha, conservación ambiental y construcciones rurales sobre la base del uso sostenible de los recursos naturales, para contribuir a la seguridad alimentaria del país.

Journal Article

Journal article

Design and assembly of the subject Information Management in the Distance Education  [2019]

Fernández de Castro Fabre, Astrid; Sánchez Ortega, Naydelín;

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In the present work an analysis is shown on the design and assembly of the subject "Management of Information" for the career of Engineering in Agro industrial Processes in the modality of Distance Education E@D. For the design of this subject, the Program and Study Guide were made and the topics were categorized. For the assembly, the visibility of information and contents was taken into account in order to achieve an understanding of the topics to be dealt with in the virtual environment, in order to obtain a clear vision of the contents. Likewise, it was emphasized that the materials were directly related to the agricultural sciences.).

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Revista Ingeniería Agrícola

ISSN : 2227-8761