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Journal article

Monitoring  [2011]

Kohler, S., Schweizerische Hochschule fuer Landwirtschaft (SHL), Zollikofen (Switzerland);

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Only when cows' udder health is good can milk be produced successfully. Because the mammary gland is susceptible to inflammation, planning and implementing careful monitoring of udder health is highly worthwhile. Moreover, since mastitis in dairy cows is a factor disease, it pays dividends not to limit monitoring to milking technology and milking work alone. In addition to the factors posture, feed and claw health, the monitoring of the metabolic health of dairy cows also plays an extremely important role, since metabolic problems can have direct negative effects on the immune system. Stress, whether owing to lameness, oestrus or another cause, is a further factor often associated with a weakening of health. In addition to the monitoring of these important factors, it is vital to ensure proper monitoring of the milking process itself. In this way, the course is set for good udder health.

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ART-Schriftenreihe (Switzerland)

ISSN : 1661-7584