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Journal article

Diagnostic by consulting Experiences with milking-time tests  [2011]

Manser, Th., Genossenschaft Zentralschweizer Milchproduzenten, Luzern (Switzerland);

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With cell-count problems, several factors are usually involved. The goal of the consultation is to define and eliminate the main causes. Different approaches are take in pursuit of this goal. This progress report aims to highlight the diagnostic tools used in the spheres of milking technology, milking work and mastitis pathogens. Checking the milking equipment outside of milking times forms the basis for gentle, animal-friendly milking. At the same time, measurements and observations during milking appear to be indispensable. Only then are the weak points in the interplay between human, animal and technology revealed. If a careful approach is taken, the recording of the pressure ratios (milking line, clawpiece, short milk hose, teat-rubber head, pulse space) and the milk flow allows an objective assessment to be made.[...]For some time now, new testing methods (PCR assays) have been offered for mastitis pathogens. These are meant to be substantially more sensitive than the methods traditionally used, which is particularly advantageous for problems with Staphylococcus aureus. Moreover, the typing of this problem bacterium can help to determine the optimal approach to remedying the problem. Although PCR will undoubtedly open new paths in the diagnosis and monitoring of udder health in future, not all applications are ready to be deployed in practice at present

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