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Journal article

Milking-Parlour Technology and Milking Problems on Swiss Dairy Farms  [2011]

Savary, P.; Kauke, M.; Korth, F.; Schick, M., Forschungsanstalt Agroscope Reckenholz-Taenikon ART, Ettenhausen (Switzerland);

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Milking-parlour technology and milking problems were analysed on the basis of farm-structure data and user evaluations furnished by a survey of Swiss dairy farmers. The number of modern milking parlours for loose-housing systems rose steadily in the past. Most common were 30° herringbone and tandem milking parlours. Depending on parlour type, the percentage of farms with milking problems ranged between 9% and 28%, with these farms housing more dairy cows with higher milk yield in older barns. By contrast, milking-parlour performance did not differ appreciably between farms with and without milking problems. Swing-over, tandem and autotandem milking parlours were rated considerably better in terms of workplace comfort than the 30° herringbone milking parlours. Satisfaction levels for all types of milking parlour were good, although farmers reported a lower overall-satisfaction score for 30° herringbone, 50° herringbone, side-by-side, swing-over and tandem milking parlours when milking problems arose. In summary, the survey shows that although the various milking parlours were rated positively by farmers, the percentage of farms with milking problems can nonetheless be characterised as very high. It can thus be seen that high milk yields and high milking parlour performance cannot necessarily be adduced as proof of optimal milking conditions.

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ART-Schriftenreihe (Switzerland)

ISSN : 1661-7584