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Journal article

Study on constituents of essential oils from Cananga odorata in different varieties at different flowering stages.  [1988]

Ding Jingkai; Yi Yuanfen; Wu Yi; Liu Zeguang; et al. Bonn Univ. (Germany, F.R.). Hohe Landwirtschaftliche Fakultaet. [Corporate Author] Academia Sinica, Kunming (China). Kunming Inst. of Botany [Corporate Author]

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In order to find the factors influencing the quality of odor of the essential oil refined from Cananga odorata, the analysis of the constituents of the essential oils isolated from three varieties was conducted qualitatively and quantitatively by means of capillary GC/MS/DC on Finnigan-4510. Three varieties were collected from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China, from Thailand and Laos respectively, and cultivated in Xishuangbanna. 44 different constituents were identified through the analysis. The results showed that the odor quality of Yilan-Yilan oil was related to the varieties, the contents of esters, alcohols and phenolic ethers. The more sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenols a Yilan-Yilan oil contained, the worse its odor quality was. As to the Yilan-Yilan oil refined with the variety originating from Xishuangbanna, the essential oil obtained from the flowers when the flower color changed from green to yellow was much better than that obtained from the green flowers or the flower buds.

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Acta Botanica Yunnanica

ISSN : 0253-2700