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Journal article

Floristic study of spermatophyte in Yunwu Mountain natural reserves of China  [2012]

Zhu Renbin, Northwest A&F University, Yangling (China), College of Resource and Environment; Cheng Jimin, Northwest A&F University, Yangling (China), College of Resource and Environment; Liu Yongjin, Management Department of Yunwu Mountain Natural Reserves, Guyuan (China);

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There are 243 spermatophytes belonging to 54 families and 243 genera in Yunwu Mountain Natural Reserves (excluding cultivated species). Flora analysis showed that most species belong to a few large families. Mono-species genera accounting for 49.4% of all the genera have a high proportion (73.6%). Gentianaceae, Stipa and Potentilla are important components of grasslands flora in Yunwu Mountain. The areal types of spermatophytes genera are relatively simple, few Chinese endemic genera, dominant temperate genera accounting for 90.6% (excluding cosmopolitan genera). The flora origin is young. Flora of spermatophytes in Yunwu Mountain has low similarity to those in Liupan Mountain and Helan Mountain, but the genetic relationship is closer to Liupan Mountain than Helan Mountain. The establishment of nature reserves in Yunwu Mountain achieved remarkable success to improve the recovery of plant diversity.

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Acta Agrestia Sinica

ISSN : 1007-0435