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Competitividad del sistema de producción de mango ‘Tommy Atkins’ en Cundinamarca (La Mesa, Anapoima y Tocaima)  [2011]

Luis Felipe Rodríguez C. Lilia Teresa Bermúdez C.

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The overall objective of this research was to study the competitiveness of the production systems of the mango variety Tommy Atkins in the municipalities of La Mesa, Tocaima and Anapoima (Cundinamarca), in order to propose strategies for improvement and sustainability. This study sought to provide the means for a competitive analysis of the mango production system through diagnosis of the same, identifying strengths and weaknesses that will lead to a deeper characterization and understanding of the mechanisms of the system and its problems. With the specific and general characteristics of the administrative and economic studies, a non-experimental, methodological design was used, in which the investigator was a passive agent, who did not influence the independent variables.

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Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Hortícolas

ISSN : 2011-2173