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Paola M. Zambrano-Rosero Universidad de Nariño [Corporate Author]

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At the urban and rural level, one of the most important causes of animal abuse has been originated through situations that involve the handling of animals such as: pets, working animals, production animals, and wild species, among others. These specific situations cover countless human behaviors that lead to a constant cycle of bad treatment to animal welfare, to environmental conservation and to peaceful coexistence. Alternatives to mitigate the current situation are mainly directed at changing behavior through education and sensitization. This should lead society to behave correctly and respect the rights of the animals so that the ecosystem balances from critical points in the social, environmental and animal contexts. For this purpose, legal parameters, available resources, and human, environmental and animal rights and values should be taken into account. The formulation of actions to limit this cycle should be viable, should have a great impact, and it should be possible to pass it from generation to generation.

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Investigación Pecuaria

ISSN : 2248-4558