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Journal Article

Journal article

Currently grown NS wheat varieties as raw material for food processing industry  [2005]

Djuric, V.; Kobiljski, B.; Pankovic, L.(Naucni institut za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo, Novi Sad (Serbia and Montenegro));

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The paper presents the yield performance and parameters of technological quality for the 10 NS wheat varieties grown during the period 2000-2004. Yield performance, protein content and rheological properties were affected by weather conditions, especially by unfavourable distributions of temperature and rainfall. The studied varieties were also analyzed for bread making performance, as delineated by direct baking indicators. The crumb value, as a sum expression of wheat quality, varied between 4.7 (in 2004) and 5.3.

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Zbornik radova - Naucni institut za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo (Serbia and Montenegro)

ISSN : 0351-4781