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El Instituto de Investigaciones Agro-Forestales (INAF) de Cuba está integrado al Grupo Empresarial Agroforestal (GAF) para dar respuesta científico – técnica a todas las demandas identificadas dentro de las ramas cafetaleras, cacaoteras y forestales, está constituido por una red de estaciones experimentales que cubre el territorio nacional.

Journal Article

Journal article

Respuesta fenológica de Juglans jamaicensis Subsp jamaicensis al aumento de la temperatura del bosque pluvial montano  [2008]

Hechavarría, O., Instituto de Investigaciones Forestales, Ciudad de La Habana (Cuba); Alvarez, A., Instituto de Investigaciones Forestales, Ciudad de La Habana (Cuba); Montalvo, J.M., Instituto de Investigaciones Forestales, Ciudad de La Habana (Cuba);

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The importance of to evaluate and to give pursuit to aspects that demonstrate the impacts of the climatic change on the forests has become a necessity. The study of the phenology of the trees and the function of the temperature in the modification of the cycle phenological are one of the biggest challenges in the field of the investigation. The objective of the work is to identify the alterations caused by the increase of the minimum temperature on the phenological pattern of Juglans jamaicencis C.DC. subsp. jamaicensis (nogal del país),endemic of the Mayors Antilles of mountainous areas during the years 1992 and 1999 of Topes of Collantes in Guamuhaya. The impor-tance is valued that has it for its adaptation and future handling. The phenological pattern of J. jamaicensis was analyzed in the normal years and hot years. Phenological alterations took place in the species, being that in J. jamaicensis these alterations were of importance in the reproductive activity what can commit their future capacity of adaptation.It is reported a study complete phenology of this taxon for the first time in Topes of Collantes.

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Revista Forestal Baracoa

ISSN : 0138-6441