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Comparision of California reactive and Dodecilo reagents for subclinical mastitis diagnosis  [2009]

Ferrer, A., Centro de Investigaciones para el Mejoramiento Animal de la Ganadería Tropical Valdés, L.R., Instituto de Investigaciones de Pastos y Forrajes

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The trial was carried out in a commercial dairy unit at the municipality of San José de Las Lajas in the Central region of Havana province. The herd had 120 cows, 70% of them were registered as Holstein or Commercial Holstein and the rest were Siboney de Cuba crossbreds which were grazing star grass, guinea grass likoni or leucaena in 53 paddocks. The study was made to compare the effectiveness of the Dodecyl (Dodecylbenceno sodium sulfonato) reagent versus the California reagent. No significant differences were found in the proportion of affected quarters detected between both reagents. Also, both right half quarters of the udders showed greater proportion of infection (P 0.001) compared to both left half quarters. It is concluded that Dodecyl can be used in substitution of the California reagent.

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Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera

ISSN : 1998-3050