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Journal Article

Journal article

Extract from Sylibum marianum as a nutraceutical: a double-blind placebo-controlled study in healthy young men  [2001]

Simanek, V.; Psotova, J.; Kosina, P.; Ulrichova, J. (Univerzita Palackeho, Olomouc (Czech Republic). Katedra Lekarske Chemie a Biochemie); et al.

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In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the effect of an extract from Silybum marianum seeds (ESM, milk thistle extract) on lipid and liver parameters and the antioxidant capacity of serum was investigated in 29 healthy men aged 18-32 years. They received either 858 mg of ESM (531 mg silymarin complex calculated on pure silibinin), or placebo, daily for a period of 60 days. No side effects were found. A routine biochemical analysis of the serum was performed as a measure of lipid and liver metabolism. Positive trend towards decreased serum cholesterol level and HDL-cholesterol increase was observed in the ESM group as compared to the placebo group. The serum antioxidant capacity was significantly higher in the ESM group. The results suggest the use of ESM as a dietary supplement for hypercholesterolemia.

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Czech Journal of Food Sciences - UZPI (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 1212-1800