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Influence of heat stress on the metabolic response in broiler chickens  [2002]

Haertlova, H. Blaha, J. Koubkova, M. Draslarova, J. et al.

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The addition of B and C vitamins was manifested by a significant enhancement of metabolite component of acid-base balance (HCO3-) in 39-day-old broilers from the experimental groups in comparison with control broiler groups. No differences of the statistical importance in other biochemical markers (AST, ALT, CK and LD, urea, creatinine, glucose, cholesterol, Na+ and K+ ions) were found between the control and the experimental groups of chickens. A significant decrease in erythrocyte MCV (mean cell volume) was observed in red blood cells of 26-day-old experimental broilers and a significant decrease in haematocrite and erythrocyte number was found in 39-day-old experimental broilers.

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Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 0582-2343