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Comparative analysis of the economic role of agriculture in the EU countries

Sojkova, Z.(Slovenska Polnohospodarska Univ., Nitra (Slovak Republic))E-mail:zlata.sojkova@fem.uniag.sk Stehlikova, B.

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The role of agriculture within the frame of the enlarged EU is analysed in this paper. There is a requirement to perceive the tendency towards the downgrading of the status of agriculture in the national economy of the EU countries with the respect of the differences in the importance of agriculture mainly in the countries that are the new EU members. The role of agriculture is characterised by the following indices: proportion of agricultural employees in the total number of employees, proportion of added value of agriculture in the GDP, index of the value added per one agricultural worker. These indices are the base for the construction of the index of economic importance of the agriculture. A multidimensional classification of the countries was realised by cluster analysis. This analysis divided the countries into three clusters according to their similarity with regards to the importance of their agriculture in their national economy.

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Agricultural Economics - UZPI (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 0139-570X