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Molecular mapping in barley: shifting from the structural to the functional level

Graner, A.(Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Gatersleben (Germany))E-mail:graner@ipr-gatersleben.de Thiel, T. Zhang, H. Potokina, E. et al.

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As a resource for structural and functional barley genome analysis, more than 140,000 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) were generated from 22 cDNA libraries that yielded 25,224 tentative unigenes. The barley EST collection is a rich source for the development of novel markers including simple sequence repeats and single nucleotide polymorphisms. Sixty-five per cent of the mapped ESTs showing a significant homology to rice ESTs were found to display a syntenic relationship between barley and rice. Thus, the barley EST resource facilitates the rapid and systematic transfer of genetic information from rice to barley. By correlating the phenotypic malting trait data of selected barley lines with the corresponding expression profiles, a set of candidate genes was identified and further verified by genetic analysis.

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Czech Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding - UZPI (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 1212-1975