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The Czech agricultural insurance market and a prediction of its development in the context of the European Union

Vavrova, E.(Mendelova Zemedelska a Lesnicka Univ., Brno (Czech Republic))E-mail:vavrova@mendelu.cz

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The article focuses on agricultural insurance systems in the countries of the European Union, and on the present-day situation in the Czech Republic. Agricultural insurance in Spain, Austria, Greece, Italy, France, Germany and Slovakia is reviewed. Since 1991, agricultural risk insurance in the Czech Republic has stagnated. In 2004, the Support and Guarantee Agricultural and Forestry Fund has started the Agricultural Insurance Support programme, the goal of which is to give access to insurance protection to a wide range of farmers. Five insurance companies offer crop and livestock insurance.

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Agricultural Economics - UZPI (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 0139-570X