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Journal Article

Journal article

Analysis of selected demand factors of wine market of the Czech Republic  [2007]

Pysny, T.,Mendelova Zemedelska a Lesnicka Univ., Brno (Czech Republic); Posvar, Z.,Mendelova Zemedelska a Lesnicka Univ., Brno (Czech Republic); Gurska, S.,Mendelova Zemedelska a Lesnicka Univ., Brno (Czech Republic);

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This paper analyzes the main factors influencing the demand for wine as well as the development of wine consumption in the Czech Republic during the years 1991-2005. The average Czech annual wine consumption increased from 14.8 L per capita in 1991 to 17 L per capita in 2005. A negative correlation between beer and wine consumption may be observed. Beer which is much cheaper than wine is the most preferred alcoholic beverage in the Czech Republic. The elevated beer consumption and high prices of good quality wines are the main factors influencing wine consumption in the Czech Republic.

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Agricultural Economics - UZPI (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 0139-570X