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Replacement of fishmeal by brewer's yeast in broiler rations with high levels of cottonseed meal and sunflower seed meal  [1988]

Erguel, M. (Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Landwirtschaft, Braunschweig (Germany, F.R.). Inst. fuer Kleintierzucht)

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A six-week broiler growth trial was conducted using basal rations containing either 20 % cottonseed meal or 20 % sunflowerseed meal. Dried brewer's yeast was added at levels of 9,26; 6,95; 4,63; 2,32 or 0 % to replace 0; 2; 4; 6 and 8 % of fishmeal. These 10 rations were fed in either mash or pellet form. Replacement of fishmeal with up to 9.26 % of dried brewer's yeast resulted in no significant difference in final body weight. In the cottonseed meal groups the combination of 4 % fishmeal plus 4,63 % brewer's yeast improved the feed utilization; in the sunflowerseed meal groups no differences in feed utilization were observed. Performance was clearly improved by pelleting the feeds of both the cottonseed meal and the sunflowerseed meal groups.

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Landbauforschung Voelkenrode (Germany, F.R.)

ISSN : 0458-6859