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Effects of increasing soil acidity and decreasing nutrient availability on the growth of Vochysiafe  [2001]

Alvarado , Alfredo Herrera , Bernal

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We compared the production of 3 tro- pical secondary forest sites dominated by the species Vochysia ferruginea with different soil acidity and nutrient conditions. Twenty- eight sample plots (20x20m) were installed to cover the whole range of substrate varianea tion at the sites. The expected height of a tree of 25 cm dbh (estimated in a previous re- search), basal area per ha and total height of each plot were used and compared as parael meters of site production. The forest showed differences in growth among sites. Sites with gentler slopes, the highest Al saturation, Fe, and P, and the lowest concentration of bases, Cu, Mn, and Zn, and a content of sand bese tween 40 and 50% had the highest yield. ~ ferruginea, growing under acid soil condiprevia), tions, was capable to accumulate 18.7 m2!ha with 475-485 trees/ha >10 cm dbh. The results confirm the adaptation of this species to acid soil conditions and reveal its capacity to be more productive than other species under indiente, creasing soil acidity and decreasing nutrient availability.

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Agronomía Costarricense

ISSN : 0377-9424