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Protein and Amino Acid Needs of Broilers in Warm Weather: A Review  [2002]

C. P. Ojano-Dirain P. W. Waldroup

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Broiler production has increased rapidly in tropical and subtropical countries in the past decade and is predicted to sustain strong growth in the future. One of the greatest challenges to efficient production in these areas is the reduction in performance associated with warm and hot weather conditions. Various dietary approaches have been taken to enhance broiler performance under these conditions. Numerous management strategies have been employed to alleviate the adverse effects of heat distress with varying degrees of success. Nutritional means of alleviating heat distress have focused largely on manipulation of energy and protein or amino acid content of the diet. Although the tendency has been to increase protein/amino acid levels to account for reduced intake, research indicates that such an action is not sufficient to overcome adverse effects. Improving overall balance of the diet by amino acid supplementation appears to be more effective than increasing total protein intake. More research is needed to quantify amino acid needs under warm weather conditions.

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International Journal of Poultry Science

ISSN : 1682-8356