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Therapeutic Application of Pineapple Protease (Bromelain): A Review  [2008]

Bitange Nipa Tochi Zhang Wang Shi - Ying Xu Wenbin Zhang

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Bromelain (EC is a crude extract from the pineapple (Ananas comosus) plant that contains, among other components various closely related proteinases (stem bromelain, fruit bromelain, comosain and ananain) demonstrating both in vitro and in vivo several therapeutic properties including malignant cell growth, thrombus formation, inflammation, control of diarrhoea, dermatological and skin debridement among others. Bromelain also contains peroxidase, acid phosphatase, several protease inhibitors and organically bound calcium and remains stable over a wide range of pH 2 to 9. Available evidence indicates bromelain is well absorbed orally with its therapeutic effects being enhanced in a dose dependent manner. It has been demonstrated to be safe and an effective food supplement. However, all the mechanisms of its action remain unresolved.

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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition

ISSN : 1680-5194