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Genetic parameters for grain yield and its component characters in rice  [2011]

Manoj Kumar Prajapati, Chandra Mohan Singh, G. Suresh Babu, G. Roopa Lavanya and Priyadarshini Jadhav

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Thirty eight rice genotypes were evaluated at Field Experimentation Centre, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding,Allahabad School of Agriculture, SHIATS, Allahabad in Randomized block design with three replications during kharif-2009.The experiment was conducted to study the 12 quantitative traits to examine the nature and magnitude of variability, heritabilityand genetic advance. The mean sum of square for all the 12 characters were significant indicating the presence of substantialamount of variability. High estimates of heritability coupled with high genetic advance as per cent of mean was observed forharvest index (99.66, 78.57) followed by number of spikelets per panicle (99.66, 69.05), number of panicles per hill (99.61,53.56) and number of tillers per hill (99.81, 51.68). High estimates of heritability coupled with moderate genetic advance as percent of mean was observed for flag leaf width (65.17, 20.33) followed by days to 50% flowering (99.30, 22.54), panicle length(97.30, 31.32) and biological yield per hill (99.97, 34.59).

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