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A note on the chemical composition of nuffieldite solid-solution from sulphide mineralizations in the Western Carpathians, Slovakia  [2006]

Jaroslav Pršek Emil Makovicky Martin Chovan Alexander Smirnov

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The chemistry of the rare sulphosalt nuffieldite from three localities in Slovakia is examined.Nuffieldite is a part of a complex association of Bi sulphosalts accompanying tetrahedrite mineralization insome sulphide deposits in the Western Carpathians. Cu + Pb = (Bi,Sb) + vac. substitution in nuffielditeand the general formula Cu1+xPb2Bi2(PbxSbyBi1–x–y)S7where 0 < x < 0.34; and 0.32 < y < 0.45 are confirmed.Decreasing Sb content with increasing copper content indicates a predominant substitution of Bi by Sbin nuffieldite.

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Mineralogia Polonica

ISSN : 0032-6267