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Journal article

The effect of frozen-storage on some qualities of cow meat [Egypt].  [1988]

Amar K.A.; Gouda M.S.; Metwalli S.M.; Tanta Univ., Kafr-El-Sheikh (Egypt). Faculty of Agriculture [Corporate Author] Balai Informasi Pertanian Propinsi Lampung, Tanjungkarang (Indonesia). [Corporate Author]

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The changes in some chemical, physical, microbial and organoleptic qualities occurred in cow meat during storage at -20 C and at -30 C for 6 montths were investigated. The results showed that the frozen storage reduced the moisture. total nitrogen content, pigments concentration and pH values as well as showed an increase in percentage of drip loss. The pigments almost disappeared from the meat stored for two months, which the reduction was amounted to 91.46%. The amount of drip released from meat stored at -20 C were higher than those stored at -30 C. Free amino acids increased markedly in meat during frozen storage period. These increases were more noticed in samples stored at -20 C than in samples stored at -30 C. The number of microorganisms contaminated the meat samples markedly and progressively decreased during frozen storage and the sample stored at -30 C for six months were free from microorganisms. The organoleptic qualities of all samples became like moderately with advancing the time of frozen storge.

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Journal of Agricultural Sciences Mansoura Univ.