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Journal article


Fatima Babazova; Michael SIU; Rafis Abazov;

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Motivation: Nowadays we face a problem of global warming. Global warming does not just mean that the Earth gets hotter, it means that the whole climate is changing. People can help to stop global warming that is why it is very important to know about level of their carbon footprint in order to conserve our nature. The purpose of this research was in collecting data of people’s carbon footprint who are living in Hong Kong and in Almaty. That information helped us to understand how we need to work in order to try to show people their influences to the environment.Results: We have asked through face-to-face survey and with using social network such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Vkontakte in order to get to know people’s knowledge about “carbon footprint” and total annual carbon emissions. After all, we have made diagrams. Survey proved that there is a lack of information about the ways to decreasing carbon footprint. As we expected nobody knows his or her percentage of influence to the nature. It means that we are in necessity of mobile application, which will give us knowledge about “carbon footprint”. Mobile application should contain practical information about carbon footprint and calculator, which will help to people to calculate their carbon footprint. In addition, mobile application should have tips and advises which will help to reduce people’s influence to the nature.

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Journal of Agriculture and Environment

ISSN : 2564-890X