Written Paper

Characterising dynamics of new sciences through project collaborations: a project‐based scientometrica insight into French bioenergies research  [2010]

Tari , Thomas (INRA (France). UR 1326 Sciences en Société) Barbier , Marc (INRA (France). UR 1326 Sciences en Société) Breucker , Philippe (INRA (France). UR 1326 Sciences en Société) Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société(France). [Corporate Author]

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This communication proposes to discuss the construction of methodological requirements on databases building and software development, and aspires to show some concrete results in visualising heterogeneous networks of research dynamics considered through projects ecology. Our reflection is grounded in the growing needs, either for decision makers or researchers of the STS and SPS communities to relay their analysis of facts on a convenient visualisation of structural relationships between heterogeneous actants. Their configuration in dedicated databases is worthy to focus on as they reflect the endogenous dynamics of research and R&D activities. Our hypothesis is that the aims, perimeter, contents and selected projects of funding programmes represent a relevant account of the un-going technological and scientific dynamic on the one hand, and a relevant account of the mobilization and choices of scientific communities and science policy “makers” on the other hand. Those configurations rely firmly on spatial-based organizations, mixing European, national and regional scales in formal and informal clusters. Our perspective in the CorTexT Platform of IFRIS is to enrich the studies of sciences dynamics on customized databases of research and R&D projects that represent through territories performative associations of laboratories, scientific teams, R&D firms and lead-users.