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Written Paper

Climate change impacts on East Africa: a review of scientific literature  [2006]

M. Case;

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This report highlights some of the major impacts of climate change on conservation for East African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. It also illustrates that climate change in Africa is not only a conservation issue but also a socio-economic one that must be dealt with on a global scale. <br /><br />The paper summarises observed and projected changes in climate and the impact they will have on water availability, food security, human health, extreme weather events, sea level rise, and biodiversity. <br />In the final section the need for building resistance and resilience to climate change is discussed, and the following recommendations are made: for conservation of ecosystems and natural resources adaptive management strategies are required projects should aim to build the capacity of natural resource managers to assess vulnerability and to adapt management strategies that respond to expected climate change impacts climate change data regarding seasonal climate forecasts should be distributed to small farmers so they can make more informed farming decisions and adapt to the change in climate conditions. <br />