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Journal article

Rootworm management: status of GM traits, insecticides and potential new tools.  [2016]

Ludwick, D. C.; Hibbard, B. E.;

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Western corn rootworm (<i>Diabrotica virgifera virgifera</i> LeConte) and northern corn rootworm (<i>Diabrotica barberi</i> (Smith and Lawrence)) are major pests of maize in the USA. These pests have been managed with a variety of tactics over the last century. Both <i>Diabrotica</i> spp. have adapted to crop rotation in different ways in certain regions of the USA as well as to some of the insecticides targeted at them. <i>D. v. virgifera</i> has adapted to more of the chemical control measures and transgenic control methods. Discussed in this review are the challenges associated with managing both species, and how current management strategies might be combined and implemented to help manage damage from these species. Also, we discuss the potential for new technologies, such as RNA interference, to be used in the future.

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