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Journal article


Аджиева Ленара Сейдаметовна, Комогорцев Эдуард Игоревич;

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The modern development of Yevpatoriya was laid at the beginning of the 20th century. It was then that the small Crimean county town of the city took a course for the development of the resort, which later became of national importance. By the beginning of XX century in Crimea was a capitalist system of economic management, but the relationship between the authorities and the population changed little and remained, as before, traditional. During this period trade, industry and resort business developed in Yevpatoriya. But the city owed its development to the resort. Discovered the unique natural wealth of Yevpatoriya, under the trends of European fashion for seaside resorts, together with a good advertising company, provided rapid growth of the city. Thanks to a private initiative and the activities of local government, the main issues of urban amenities were solved. Resorts attracted in Yevpatoriya the opportunity to recover and calmly rest from the burdensome bustle of big cities, so amenities, luxury and entertainment played a secondary role and were created only from the need to meet the modern standards of firstclass resorts. Every year the number of holidaymakers in Yevpatoriya has steadily increased. Here was created a health resort, which determined the further specialization of Yevpatoriya as a resort city.

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