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Птащенко Ліана;

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Ukrainian enterprises that are affected by the crisis much sharper fluctuations than their counterparts in Europe, there are also problems such as lack of working capital, reduction in demand, non-payments. The current economic situation is a specific test for the viability of enterprises in difficult economic conditions. This applies to all components of the company's management – from strategy development to the efficiency of business processes and management. Response to the economic and political realities is the effective management of the enterprise with controlling. Major role in the formation of a system of controlling the program assign information systems and technologies as a tool of controlling that increase the efficiency of the enterprise. Information – the basis of flexibility in controlling system. It allows you to get a solution as efficient and profitable in an economic context to organize the production of goods or services. Knowledge and information have become strategic resources, because along with the empirical knowledge and everyday experience in economic activities directly involved systematic theoretical knowledge. Scientists consider the company as an information system, which is concentrated in four streams of information: two external and two internal. In particular, the external business environment forms a set of economic and political entities that operate outside the enterprise, and the relationship developing between them
and the company. In turn, the latter determine the interaction between the enterprises and its real and potential customers as well as competitors. Information support of enterprise management system plays an important role in solving the problems of controlling. In this case, enter the information support system is worth considering the needs and capabilities of enterprises in different industries and different scales. This will ensure maximum efficiency controlling activities to promote transfer of control to a higher quality level; will open up new opportunities and prospects for development. Promising for enterprises in Ukraine are econometric models, neural networks and fuzzy. They require detailed study and use of experts in the field of financial controlling, despite the adequacy of these systems, a wide class of financial problems in the real economy and the financial services market.

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