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Journal article


Lamara Qoqiauri;

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Scientific work “Searching complex way of suspension devaluation of Georgian Lari in Georgia “is an original research, which is dedicated to the solution of the theoretical and practical issues of Georgian monetary unit- Lari. The topic is actual, as today as never before if has become essential to research current changes in the economy of Georgia, identify and eliminate subjective and objective reasons for decrease of Georgian national currency. Global circumstances, i.e. long-term nature of Gel exchange rate of external and internal factors, as well as the political economic processes of neighbouring countries of Georgia, the country’s unstable economic development, investment “famine”, wrong monetary and fiscal policy and other objective and subjective reasons caused the drop of Georgian national currency. In the work scientifically, based on the practical materials is explained the need and the inevitable of devaluation of Georgian Lari in Georgia. In the work, on the basis of analysis of devaluation processes of Georgian Lari, there is given by the authors the recommendations of suspension of created an extreme situation in country’s economy, to avoid expected inflation, as well as emergency facilities of survival of the national currency. In the work the results are presented as problem solving economic recommendations, which promote economic development of Georgia, suspension of impairment and reinforce of Georgian Lari.

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