Written Paper

Ecological study of a section of the Accra Plains.  [1997]

Dzomeku, B. M. Enu-Kwesi, L.

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An investigation on species composition along transects and soil seed banks in a section of the Accra plains of Ghana was conducted. Endozoochory of cow dung in the area was also undertaken. Forty-one plant species belonging to seven life form categories were observed. The area was characterized by a relatively low density of tree species. The soil seed bank study indicated a preponderance of grass seeds within the soil. Seeds of tree species were virtually absent. Germination of most of the grass seeds/grains were enhanced by light. Only Desmodium scorpiurus germinated under shade conditions; whereas seeds of Phyllanthus amarus and Oldenlandia corymbosa germinated under both light and shade conditions. Cassia obtusifolia germinated from cow dung denoting the possibility of endozoochory.

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Desertification Control Bulletin. No. 31, 24-29.