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Journal article

Variability, gene effects and inheritance of harvest index in crosses of wheat genotypes with different Rht genes  [2000]

Dencic, S.; Kobiljski, B.;

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The objective of this study were to investigate the variability, gene effects and mode of inheritance of harvest index in the crosses of wheat genotypes carring different Rht genes. The parents used in the crosses were Siete Cerros (Rht-B1b), Aobakomughi (Rht-D1b), tom Thumb (Rht-B1c), Ai-bian (Rht-D1c), Sava (rht 8) and Bankuty 1205 (rht). The data recorded for the F1 and F2 generations suggests that promising crosses for selection of genotypes towards increased harvest index (HI) are Bankuty 1205/Aobakomughi, Bankuty 1205/Sava and Sava/Ai-bian 1. For the crosses Bankuty 1205/Aobakomughi and Bankuty 1205/Sava additive-dominat model was adequate for determination of gene effects.

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(Cereal Research Communications)(Hungary)

ISSN : 0133-3720