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Herbicidal effect on the bio-indicators of soil health- A review  [2017]

Raj, Sheeja K Syriac, Elizabeth K

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Soil microbial population, earth worms in soil, soil enzyme activity and organ carbon content in soil are considered as the bio indicators of soil health. They are used as indicators of soil health because of their active role in soil organic matter production, decomposition of xenobiotics and cycling of nutrients, ease of measurement and rapid response to changes in management practices. The assessment of soil health can be used to develop more sustainable crop production system. A number of herbicides have been introduced as pre and post emergence weed killer. The impact of herbicides on soil health depends on the soil type, type and concentration of herbicide used, sensitivity to non-target organisms and environmental conditions. The review elaborates the impact of herbicidal application on the biological indicators of soil health.

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Journal of Applied and Natural Science

ISSN : 2231-5209