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Effect of micronutrients on leaf composition, fruit quality and yield of Kinnow mandarin  [2015]

Kaur, Nirmaljit Monga, P. K. Arora, P. K. Kumar, Krishan

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Effect of micronutrients on leaf composition, quality parameters and fruit yield of Kinnow mandarin was studied at Regional Research Station, Abohar. Foliar application of 1000 ppm Zn + 1000 ppm Mn on Kinnow mandarin during the end of April and mid of August gave maximum fruit yield (862 fruits / tree) and good quality fruits (Higher TSS/Acid: 14.23) by correcting these micronutrient deficiencies. Therefore, application of this dose of micronutrient combination will improve yield and fruit quality in Kinnow mandarin by correcting the deficiencies of these micronutrients as a result of which the orchardist will be economically benefited.

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Journal of Applied and Natural Science

ISSN : 2231-5209