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Mushroom cultivation: Substantial key to food security  [2018]

Pandey, Vijay Vardhan Kumari, Anuradha Kumar, Manoj Saxena, Jalaj et al.

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The worldwide sustenance and wholesome security of the expanding population is a generous test, which searches for new harvest (better yield from conventional ones) as a wellspring of nourishment sustenance and recoveries from malnutrition and food scarcity. Alluding to it, mushrooms discover some help which can be developed even via landless individuals, that too on decaying material and could be a source for proteinaceous sustenance. Metric huge amounts of natural waste and buildups are created every year which can possibly be reused as a substrate for mushroom cultivation. Mushroom cultivation being an indoor movement, requires less work and benefit adventure gives abundant chances to jobless.

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Journal of Applied and Natural Science

ISSN : 2231-5209