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The Extension Education Society which publishes the Journal of Extension Education, is established to promote the cause of extension scientists. Its headquarters is in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Campus, Coimbatore - 3. India

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Journal article

Perception of Under Graduate Students (B.Sc.Agriculture) on Instructional Methods  [2016]

O.R Sulaja;

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The study was undertaken to identify the effectiveness of different instructional tools as perceived by Under Graduate students of College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara. Field visit/ study tour was rated as the most effective instructional tool by 68 per cent of respondents, followed by practical classes in the field. The frequency of use of different instructional methods during the current semester was found out. Practical classes in he laboratory were the most frequently used aid followed by lecture using power point. More field visits should be included within the time limit together with field practicals and work experiences to ensure maximum learning experience to students.

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Journal of Extension Education

ISSN : 2456-1282