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Reasons for Resorting to Organic Farming and Advantages Perceived by the Organic Farmers  [2016]

M. Elavarasi K.A. Ponnusamy

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The study mainly focused on reasons for resorting to organic farming and advantages and benefits perceived by the organic farmers. The study was conducted in Coimbatore, Erode and Dharampuri districts of Tamil Nadu. A sample of 100 organic farmers were the respondents for the present study. The data were collected from each respondent through personal interview method with the help of interview schedule. The results revealed that, major reasons for resorting to organic farming were premium price ( 75.00%) conservation of environment (72.00%), production of high quality, toxic and pesticide free product (68.00%) and negative experiences face with inorganic farming(50.00%) and perceived benefits of organic farming were increased soil properties(100.00%), reduced cost on external inputs (82.00%), efficient use of local on- farm resources(77.00%) and water holding capacity of soil (75.00%). 

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Journal of Extension Education

ISSN : 2456-1282