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Determinants of Female-headed Households’ Livelihood Diversification Strategies Choice in Ambo District, Ethiopia  [2016]

Mulu Debela Ofolsha J. Paul Mansingh

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The study has concluded that diverse livelihood options are available and thus,Female - Headed Households pursue diverse range of activities that draw on their labor and time. However, the participation levels vary within Female - Headed Households(FHHs). The variation is mainly in terms of the activity they diversify into and conditions under which diversification are made. Generally, FHH participate in low-return and high risk and last resort activities. The study concludes that livelihood diversification strategies choice of FHH is determined by a number of factors. Hence, it is recommended that the livelihood of FHHs needs to be recognized and policy intervention should concentrate on improving access to assets within the aim of expanding livelihood options rather than assuming households are spatial homogenous and individual engage in one type of activity only.

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Journal of Extension Education

ISSN : 2456-1282